• Vario models

    usable with your cutomer's insoles!

    our Health shoes combined
    with our famous massage footbed.

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  • Massage

    ancient, yet always up to date

    Massage is one of the oldest remedies that we all instinctively apply:
    If one part of the body hurts, we rub it automatically with our
    Hands. Use LECO massage products - for a beautiful and healthy skin
    and to increase your well-being.

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  • We want your customers

    to feel well in their skin!

    Who does not know the pleasant feeling barefoot on warm
    soft sand to go. The micro-massage of thousands
    Sand grains under the sole stimulates the whole body.

    All about skin health

Foot Care.

Always fitting shoes and never more cold feet! Our shoes and insoles give your feet the best care and are comfortable to wear.

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Thread: What actually
are reflex zones?

Under the skin, there are numerous
reflex zones of internal organs. But
how do they work? And how can they
be used to bring the body in harmony
with itself?

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Thread: skin care.

The recipe of choice for a fresh,
expressive skin is still based on the
Responsibility of the owner: If you live healthy,
you keep your skin alive. This is the best
Skin care. 'Healthy life' has many facets,
but by no means is it a meticulous observance
meant by nutritional or rules of conduct.

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